Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Towers Tall She Dreams Them All But In Truth She Is Trapped In The Basement…

She stood at a decrepit wooden window in the run-down old house where she lived. Dreams of a better life and a finer place filled her. 

The house around her was in various stages of dilapidation and disrepair. Water pipes broken, a roof falling in and floors uneven due to the leaks. Windows barely held together some only managed to stay put with a good amount of duct tape.

But that wasn’t where her imagination drifted. She was in another place a beautiful grand abode which rose upward into the clouds.

She saw herself standing in front of huge floor to ceiling windows towering over a splendid city with roof tops below her, so high up she could almost touch the heavens. Through the window, she saw floating clouds and hues of blue and turquoise sky surrounding her.

“Don’t look aft, don’t look behind,” she warned herself and squeezed her eyes shut. 

But she couldn’t help it. Her thoughts shifted. And when she opened her eyes she was back in the old dilapidated house once again.

She breathed in deep and sighed. “Someday,” she said, “someday I will have it.” 

And her thoughts turned anew to the opulent place high above the captivating city, where walls became windows and her dreams could soar farther than ever before…  

© copyright Kaye Manro 2017

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